Trifecta Pick 3 Spa Package:

(Add On Package)+23


  • Bath with Choice of Upgraded Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Choice of 3 Additional Upgraded Services

  • Choice of Bandana,Hair Bow,Collar Bow,Bow Tie or Neck Tie

Pampered Pet Package:

(Add On Package)25+27


  • Mud Bath or Hot Oil Treatment

  • Additional 15 Minutes of Brushing

  • Two Additional Upgraded Services

  • Bandanna,Hair Bow,Collar Bow,Neck Tie, or Bow Tie

Shampoo&Conditioner List:

  • Hypoallergenic Doggone Clean

  • ShedLess Treatment(Shampoo&Cond)

  • Hot Oil Treatment

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • Mud Bath

  • All Natural Flea&Tick

  • Bright Whitening

  • DeGreaser (Oil Control)

  • Blueberry Tearless Facial

  • Antifungal

  • Tea Tree & Aloe

  • Colloidal Oatmeal

  • Odor Eliminator-DeSkunk

  • Medicated (Insect Bite Relief)

Additional Services:

-Nail Buffing (Add-on +8)( Alone +20)

-De-Matting(Per15 Min) +6-15
-Nail Polish +10

-Teeth Brushing<Breath Refresh Treatment>+10

-Extra Brushing(Per15 Min) Sm+10 Med+12 Lrg+15
-Paw Pad Treatment +10

-Blueberry Facial +6
-Face,Feet,& Fanny Trimm +7-20

-Hot Oil Treatment +15

-Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath +15

-Express Service/Zoom Groom(Private Session)+15 Bath +30Full Groom

*Gift Certificates Are Now Available*

Bath Package Price Estimates:

Small $25-36

Medium $29-40

Large $40+

Grooming prices are based upon breed,size of dog,length & condition of coat. I cannot give an exact price until I see the dog. You can request an exact price before your pet is groomed.